In conjunction with the Joint 11th Asia Oceania Human Proteome Organization (AOHUPO) and 7th Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization (AOAPO) Congress, the Young Scientist Forum (YSF) will be held in Singapore on the 7th of May, 2023. The YSF is an informal platform for encouraging interaction and scientific exchange among young talented researchers in the Asia Oceania region. This one-day event will feature three sessions for selected young scientists to showcase their cutting-edge research on proteomics and MS-related topics, as well as a career development forum where YSF advisors will share personal experiences and tips on their career progression. All young scientists attending the joint AOHUPO-AOAPO congress are strongly encouraged to register for the YSF and benefit from this great opportunity to network and draw inspiration for their successful scientific careers. 



Registration for the YSF is free; however all participants must be registered with abstracts submitted for the main joint AOHUPO-AOAPO congress. Please register for the YSF through the joint AOHUPO-AOAPO congress registration.  



The YSF is open to all young researchers, including young investigators (within first two years of position), postdoctoral researchers (or equivalent positions), students, and research associates (with more than 2 years of experience).


Proof of eligibility must be submitted in the registration process.



To be determined.