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Monday, Day 1




Welcome Address & Announcements


Plenary Session 1: Title TBC
Mathias Wilhelm , Technical University of Munich, Germany


Morning Tea + Poster Session 1

Session 1A: Disease Proteomics 

Session 1B: Metabolomics I

Session 1C: Agricultural Crop Proteomics I

Lunch (Vendor Workshops) + Poster Session 2


Session 2A: Biomarker discovery

Session 2B: Fluxomics/Metabolomics II

Session 2C: Agricultural Crop Proteomics II

Afternoon Tea + Poster Session 3

Session 3A: Chemical Proteomics & Drug Discovery

Session 3B: Lipidomics

Session 3C: Microbiome

Plenary Session 2: Title TBC
Markus Wenk, National University of Singapore

End of Day 1

Tuesday, Day 2






Plenary Session 3:
Ho Jeong Kwon, Yonsei University, Korea


Morning Tea + Poster Session 4

Session 4A: Phosphoproteomics

Session 4B: Glycoproteomics & Glycomics

Session 4C: Nutritional Proteomics

Lunch (Vendor Workshops) + Poster Session 5


Session 5A: Proteogenomics

Session 5B: Biotherapeutics & Clinical Applications

Session 5C: Animal & Aquaculture Proteomics

Afternoon Tea + Poster Session 6

Session 6A: Immunopeptidomics

Session 6B: Environmental Applications

Session 6C: Late Breaking Abstracts

Plenary Session 4: Title TBC
Yuju Chen, Academia Sinica,  Taiwan

End of Day 2

Societies Meeting

Conference Banquet Dinner

Wednesday, Day 3


Session 7A: Infectious Disease

Session 7B: Structural & Native MS

Session 7C: Omics of Traditional Medicine

Morning Tea + Poster Session 7

Session 8A: Single-cell Technologies 

Session 8B: Systems Biology

Session 8C: Future Food


Lunch (Vendor Workshops) + Poster Session 8

Afternoon Tea + Poster Session 9

Plenary Session 5:  Title TBC
Dr Shaojun Dai, Shanghai Normal University, China

Closing Ceremony & Awards Presentation

End of Day 3

Session 9A: MS Imaging

Session 9B: Informatics & Big Data

Session 9C:  Food Science & Safety

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